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Transforming Our Communities Through Biblical Values

We believe as a result of the listed Actions below, our communities and cities will be transformed by biblical values influencing our homes, businesses and schools. We further endeavor to multiply our worldwide ministry by planting churches, preparing believers for leadership roles, deploying missionaries and becoming a vital resource center and replicable model for strengthening ministries. To this end, we are committed to…


people where they are with a practical message of hope.


an atmosphere for a lifestyle of life-transforming, passionate, memorable, creative, dynamic and inspiring Worship.


that is biblical, relevant and applicable to personal daily living BUILDING vital relationships, supportive fellowships and fruitful discipleship.


opportunities for community outreach and service.


mindsets, belief systems and traditions that hinder people from becoming all they were created to be.


safe environments and a grace-based community where the hurting can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement.


dividing walls and promoting Unity in the Body of Christ.


the use of the diversity of gifts in building a unified force; striving for a common objective.


a culture and attitude of servant leadership.

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